During the transition from one service provider to another there is a period of adjustment. We realize that this period should be seamless and free of interruption to your organization and your time. This is why we will provide additional labor and supervision during the start-up period to learn all aspects of your building and bring the standards to the desired levels. When this is achieved we will implement a quality assurance program to maintain the standards at the desired level.

Initial Cleaning
The initial cleaning is performed partially by the regular cleaning staff but more importantly, our “special services team/s” will be used to deal with the details that are often neglected in a timely manner, such as descaling of sinks, taps, toilets and urinals, high dusting, finger marks and detailed vacuuming. Also, these teams will complete all of the periodic services such as, stripping and waxing, machine scrubbing of ceramics, cleaning of glass partitions and other tasks specific to your building

All Accounts
Account managers will become familiar with your building in order to properly train all cleaning staff and supervisors involved with your facility in terms of security, areas of service, specific duties and tasks to be performed, frequencies, protocols and procedures and specifics relevant to your facility.

Quality Assurance
After a successful transition period and initial cleaning we will implement a “quality assurance program” that includes regular inspections and evaluations of our field personnel, emphasizing improvement of service through on the job training / retraining and determining solutions for problem or difficult areas. Establish a frequency of inspections with our contact that will be carried out during regular business hours.

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Can you achieve a Greener Clean?

Many companies are seeking greener solutions when it comes to facility care. But, can you get a professional grade cleaning with environmentally safe products? What does it cost and is Environmental Sustainability actually achievable?

How Arsenal is achieving a Greener Clean


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