Light and heavy-duty workers perform basic cleaning on a scheduled basis (x) times during the week depending on your requirements. Basic cleaning refers to removal of trash, dusting, spot cleaning stains/marks, sweeping/ vacuuming and damp mopping floors, sanitizing of all restrooms and eating areas. Weekly cleaning is performed on the weekends or the end of the week and aims to complete a more detailed cleaning such as full vacuuming polishing surfaces such as desks, cabinets, disinfecting telephones and touch surfaces and to remove dust from areas not performed during the daily cleaning.

Day Porters / Day Matron
Performs cleaning services or patrols client’s facilities during business hours. These works are experienced, uniformed and have a good command of the English language. They can also respond to emergencies or requests throughout the day.

Floor Maintenance-VCT, Terrazzo, Marmoleum/Linoleum and Stone
In order to preserve the original condition of all resilient floors and maintain an excellent appearance at all times, our “Special Services Teams” will follow the program outlined and approved by you. This program includes spray buffing, burnishing, deep scrub and reconditioning and strip, seal and refinishing.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning- Performed by IICRC certified technicians.

Restorative cleaning – Rotary shampooing is used in traffic areas to loosen dirt and stubborn stains, followed by hot water extraction to remove dirt deep into the carpet fibers and the dirt released from shampooing.

Carpet Maintenance- Bonnet cleaning is an economical method used to clean the surface of your carpets. A non-residual solution and a wool pad are used with a rotary machine to lift surface dirt and stains on a monthly basis.

Window Cleaning
Low rise up to 3 stories
High-rise above 3 stories

Blind & Drapery Cleaning
Dry cleaning
Ultra-sonic cleaning- Venetian or vertical blinds are remove off site, and cleaned in a special bath using ultrasonic waves that loosen and lift dirt off the entire blind including strings and hard to reach areas.

General Clean-ups
Post construction cleaning- complete cleaning after construction projects. This can include windows, carpets, floor seal and refinishing, machine scrubbing of ceramics, new bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, dust removal etc.
Special cleaning- Cleaning of racking, merchandise, equipment etc. If you need something cleaned we can do it.

Industrial Plant Cleaning
Concrete floor cleaning- Using a swing machine or an automatic scrubber we can clean and or degrease all types of floors that have been sealed or have an epoxy coating on them including warehouse areas, corridors, or manufacturing areas.
Wiping down of racks and products- We can clean or dust off racking and product from your warehouse to remove accumulation of dust and dirt.

Ceiling and Light fixtures- Due to manufacturing or dusty conditions in many plants, light fixtures need to be cleaned periodically. We can wipe down light fixtures and vacuum or dust ceiling beams and joists.

Wall washing- Less expensive than painting or to be done prior to painting we can wash or degrease plant area walls form the ceiling to the floor.

Underground Garage Cleaning
Power wash cleaning- Underground parking garages can be power swept and cleaned using a power washer to remove dirt, oil and grease and soot form vehicle emissions.

Light Bulb Changing- This service can be done during office hours or after. We will arrange all access and security.

Wall Washing- Any wall surface that requires cleaning prior to painting or instead or painting can be cleaned and degreased.

Painting-Small Repairs- Besides performing these services, you won’t have to worry about providing access or security.

Emergency Service
Flood clean-ups- pipes or plumbing can break or leak. We are accessible 24/7 to deal with emergency clean-ups.

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