Arsenal consistently delivers a higher standard of cleaning.

Has your maintenance contractor been missing the mark lately? Have you been experiencing a steady fall-off in service? Are you having trouble communicating your concerns to them? Does it feel like you’re not getting what you’ve paid for? Starting to think that all maintenance contractors are the same?

Finding the right contractor is easier than you think. At Arsenal Cleaning Services Ltd. we have been providing Building and Maintenance Managers with a higher standard of service for over 20 years. Currently, we are responsible for over 4 Million square feet of commercial and office space in the GTA. Over the last five years we’ve had a 95% customer retention rate, and only a 2% turn-over in staff - all the while experiencing a very manageable 10% growth rate.

Arsenal accomplished all this by providing our customers with meticulous results. Our fully trained, diligent cleaning professionals use only the highest quality materials and equipment, but most important they take pride in their work. Great results are the visual proof of Arsenal’s standards but they’re not the only thing that gives us the edge. Behind the materials and the equipment and the staff, the bottom-line always remains in sight, that way we can continually ensure the best possible price.

At Arsenal, teamwork is a core competency. We utilize it to prevent common industry shortfalls and to resolve deficiencies. Concerns or requests are communicated and dealt with effectively and efficiently, well before situations have a chance to escalate out of proportion.

We’ve been able to establish and maintain long term relationships with our customers by conducting business in a professional and ethical manner. Working as a team, both internally and with our customers, has enabled us to establish an atmosphere of trust and integrity, one that’s been reflected in our many years of valued contracting services.

Better supervision, means better results.
A promise is only as good as its follow-through. Promising to deliver a higher quality service is only the beginning at Arsenal. Our follow-through quality assurance program emphasizes multi-level checks and balances to prevent service gaps. Our Account Managers implement duty checklists and performance evaluation sheets that are used to coordinate with our supervisors and ensure a complete job every time. Regular spot inspections along with random checks are also conducted to ensure work is being kept to Arsenal’s standards. This program was inspired by our desire to create long-term customer relationships by providing them with our pledge of “Satisfaction Plus”, our commitment to exceed your expectations not only in the quality of cleaning, but in our quality of communication.

Creating careers, not just cleaning jobs.
Arsenal’s allegiance to quality doesn’t stop with our customers. From day one, dedication to the welfare, education and personal development of our staff has been a core commitment – and it’s the reason for a turnover rate of only 2%. Our in-house training, certification programs and on-going support, combined with above average pay, have enabled us to produce and retain better, more qualified cleaning personnel. It’s our belief that a better Cleaner, cleans better. A sentiment that’s echoed by our many satisfied customers.

Diligence and attention to detail, qualities we are admired for...
With 50 years of combined management experience, our Managers and Supervisors know how to spot potential problems. Through frequent customer visits they’re able
to evaluate performance and quickly resolve concerns. Arsenal’s Special Teams complete specialized service work swiftly and meticulously, so large or special event jobs are finished in a much shorter period of time, thereby minimizing disruption in the workplace.

Does membership have its benefits?
It certainly does! As part of our on-going commitment to professional development at all levels, Arsenal belongs to the Industry’s top two organizations, BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International) and IICRC (The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). A BSCAI Member since 2004. Members adhere to a Code of Ethics, which advocates professionalism and fair business practice among cleaning contractors. IICRC has a mission to establish and monitor educational programs for technicians and standards for the inspection of cleaning and restoration service industry. Our carpet cleaning technicians have been IICRC certified since 2003, and Arsenal became an IICRC certified firm in 2007. We are committed to serving our clients with the highest level of professionalism.

Innovation and Green thinking.
At Arsenal, we’re constantly searching for better, more efficient ways to serve our
clients while having a low impact on the environment. We use environmentally friendly glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners and multi-purpose cleaners. As well as being better for our environment and the people using them, they are very effective products. Along with these Eco Logo Certified Products we use Micro fibre technology for all our cloths and wipers. Not only are they at least 4 times more effective than traditional terry towels, but their colour coding prevents cross contamination. Another benefit of Micro fibres is they’re super absorbent. They prevent streaks,even on dark surfaces and can hold up to 7 times their weight in water. Due to the tight weave, Micro fibres gently lift dirt and oil and are lint free.

Are you getting a consistent cleaning?
All Cleaners start off well, but then standards often slowly slip. While this may be true for some companies, it’s not for true for Arsenal. Our 2 tier cleaning crew teams guarantee a better, more consistent, clean every time. Regular cleaning crews work every day to perform all daily and weekly duties, then they’re followed up by our Special Teams who perform all monthly and periodic duties. This double check method assures all the contractual obligations are performed, on a pre-planned schedule, and maintains a consistent cleaning of all areas. Our Special Teams also cover any unscheduled absenteeism, so you’re never left without service. Supervisory staff oversee the day-to-day work, while major jobs, such as refinishing resilient floors or carpet cleaning, is carried out by our certified technicians to assure professional results.

Did your facility concerns fall to the wayside?
Once the contract is awarded, clients often find big promising contractors slowly go M.I.A. This happens because many contractors bid low to get the job, without actually having the support staff and manpower to handle the workload. Spread so thin, they inevitably become impossible to reach.

Communication with clients is a vital component of our industry. To better serve you, Arsenal has implemented a variety of methods to respond to your needs and concerns as they arise. By calling our main number during business hours clients can address their request to a live operator. If a voice message is preferred the account manager will receive the message within minutes, respond accordingly. Emails or faxes can also be used for documentation purposes. Responses can be expected within in a reasonable timeframe. Also, all of our Account Managers, Supervisors and Special Services Teams are equipped with cell phones for immediate communication, 24/7. In the event a logbook is required for basic communication with the cleaning staff, we will work with you to customize a logbook and protocol. Our policy is to effectively respond to any client request within the same day.

Lowest Bid or The Best Value?
In the bidding process, clients will often lean towards the lowest bid. The thinking is, Cleaning contractors are all the same, so why not just get the best price? When facing the poor results of their choice, clients soon find out that cleaning contractors are not all the same. As in every business, there is a true cost associated to every service in our industry. If the bid is too good to be true, well... the truth comes clean in the results. Arsenal’s approach is different. We strive to provide the Best Value when we bid. Sometimes that means we’ll be slightly higher or slightly lower (it happens) but either way, our commitment to quality never changes. We will customize our proposals to adjust for frequency and services in order to better meet your budget, but we won’t compromise on quality. Arsenal customers understand what we mean when we say we provide “The Best Value” in cleaning – and they agree!

Adhering to Procedures.
There’s nothing worse than entering a building that’s obviously being poorly maintained or seeing cleaning staff doing their job in a lackluster, unprofessional manner. It makes everyone look bad. Not only that, by not following proper procedures a building can be left vulnerable to germs, accidents and crime. Arsenal maintains continual training for staff. Not only on professional cleaning procedures, techniques and quality assurance, but also on building security and professional on-site conduct.

Arsenal comes clean in the results…
100 different companies can offer essentially the same service. You know you’ve found what you’re looking for when you see results on a consistent basis. Arsenal always comes clean in the results. What makes us stand out from our competition is the value we offer, the experience we bring and our approach to the business and our staff. When it comes to the Cleaning Industry, you won’t find another company that offers our winning combination.

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Many companies are seeking greener solutions when it comes to facility care. But, can you get a professional grade cleaning with environmentally safe products? What does it cost and is Environmental Sustainability actually achievable?

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"Arsenal has been doing our cleaning for over 7 years, and we have found them to be reliable, flexible and cooperative. Their service is excellent. In particular, we have been very happy with the service that George Kandelas provides us"...


They were going to have some unexpected visitors, and wanted their building to sparkle.

"We received a phone call on a Wednesday afternoon about 3pm from one of our customers who in the food packaging industry. They were going to have some unexpected visitors, and wanted their building to sparkle"...


BSCAI- Building Service Contractors Association International Member since 2005

IICRC – Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification Certified Firm since 2007
Certified Technicians since 2003

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Is your business prepared for the next global Pandemic?
Remember SARS and the physical and emotional devastation it had on the population? How it affected the local economy? Some people died and many became afraid of going into public places, many businesses were hurt.